AnagenixClinical and experimental studies have demonstrated the positive effect of Actazin™ and Livaux™, wholefood-based nutritional supplement from Anagenix Group derived from green and gold kiwifruit, respectively, on digestive health. However, the molecular mechanistic understanding of the effect of ingredients of Actazin™ and Livaux™, individually and in combination needs to be fully understood. In this study, a systematic literature review is conducted to identify the molecular pathways affecting gut motility. The molecular pathways of gut motility are converted to individual mathematical models; each model is validated; and, the plurality of models are integrated with the CytoSolve® computational systems biology platform to produce an integrative model of gut motility. CytoSolve provides for the dynamic integration of molecular pathway models, in silico (through mathematical modeling on a computer), to understand synergistic effects of multi-ingredient dietary supplements on molecular pathways of biological processes. Combination of all the bioactive molecules at the recommended dose levels is tested in silico. The results from the systematic review reveal three major biological systems that govern gut motility: 1) Inflammation; 2) Mucus production; and, 3) Fecal bulking. The results from the CytoSolve in silico modeling demonstrate that Actazin™ bioactive compounds synergistically enhance gut motility by: 1) reducing inflammation; 2) increasing mucus production; and, 3) increasing expression of PYY and GLP-1 which in turn increase the gut transit time and facilitate fecal bulking.