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CytoSolve offers a revolutionary and proven information-centric platform that enables accurate quantitative mechanistic models, for predicting complex molecular phenomena, for the rapid testing and development of single and multi-combination compounds for drug, nutritional supplement, and medical foods, by minimizing the need for in vitro and in vivo testing.
MD Anderson: Combination Therapeutics
MD Anderson: Combination Therapeutics
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is an aggressive cancer, which develops without prominent symptoms. The intense knowledge on cellular and molecular mechanisms of pancreatic adenocarcinoma is required for early detection strategies, preventive measures, and effective interventions. Single therapeutic drug like gemcitabine, approved…Read more
MIT: Academic Collaboration
MIT: Academic Collaboration
Humans were initially considered to possess a different number of genes when compared to a worm. However, during the human genome project, it was realized that humans have the same number of genes as a worm. Biology now recognizes that we cannot consider the human being to be made of just genes, but factors other than genes…Read more
Solid Gold: In Silico Laboratory
Solid Gold: In Silico Laboratory
There is a body of empirical evidence demonstrating the positive effect of dietary supplement Solid Gold® SeaMeal™ on coat appearance of pets. However, the molecular mechanistic understanding of the effect of SeaMeal ingredients, individually and in combination is not clearly understood. In this study, a systematic literature review…Read more
Brad's Raw Foods: Nutritional Formulation
Brad’s Raw Foods: Nutritional Formulation
More and more people are incorporating what they believe to be raw foods into their diets principally for health and taste reasons. But there is debate and confusion over what actually constitutes “raw” and what the characteristics should be to maintain a food’s ‘raw’ quality at point of sale and also protect consumers from foodborne diseases…Read more
USC: Academic Collaboration
USC: Academic Collaboration
Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute from University of Southern California (USC) has focussed their research on pericytes to decipher the mysteries of disease mechanisms that impact brain function. Pericytes are perivascular cells that encase around the endothelial cells of capillaries and venules throughout the body. They serve as vital integrators…Read more
US Pharmacopoeia: In Silico Laboratory
US Pharmacopoeia: In Silico Laboratory
Use of dietary supplements by military personnel is well acknowledged and documented in a review conducted by the Institute of Medicine. About half of the US population uses dietary supplements. Concerns regarding the benefits and safety of dietary supplement use by military arise because (a) military personnel may have a different intent than…Read more
Alnylam - Multi-Combination Therapeutic for Hereditary Angioedema
Alnylam – Multi-Combination Therapeutic for Hereditary Angioedema
Alnylam is a leading pharmaceutical company, focusing their research on RNAi therapeutics for HAE (Hereditary angioedema). Angioedema is a non-itchy, pale swelling of subcutaneous or submucosal tissue that tends to recur chronically. HAE is characterized by the functional defect of factor XII or C1INH, which increases bradykinin production leading to…Read more

Building a New Collaborative Research Paradigm

CytoSolve Collaboratory™ Provides a Powerful Platform to Drive Collaborative Scientific Research by Breaking Down Artificial Silos and Walls That Hamper Advancement in Science

Accelerating Personalized Medicine

CytoSolve has a Proven Approach for Rapid Discovery of Multi-Combination “Cocktails” and Therapeutics Through In-Silico Modeling of Complex Molecular Pathways

Bridging East and West

CytoSolve Provides a Molecular Systems Based Approach to Validate the Efficacy of Nutritional Supplements, Traditional and Complementary Therapies for Health and Well Being

Eliminating Animal Testing

CytoSolve Provides a Breakthrough Platform for Mathematically Modeling the Whole Cell and Complex Molecular Pathways Towards Eliminating Animal Testing



Information about development of CytoSolve™ has evinced keen interest among the research community world-wide. A number of papers has been written on the CytoSolve™ platform and its components.

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