CytoSolve® is revolutionizing health by accelerating development, discovery and delivery of therapeutics, nutraceuticals and functional foods, through a breakthrough 21st century technology for in silico mechanistic modeling that avoids the need for unnecessary animal testing.

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EVERY DAY, the CytoSolve® Collaboratory™ Integrates Molecular Pathways Derived from In Vitro and In Vivo Scientific Experiments Being Conducted Worldwide

December 6, 2016




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CytoSolve Development efforts evolve through collaboration with the world’s leading universities, foundations and industry partners to develop, validate and advance in silico computational models of disease and complex biomolecular phenomena.


CytoSolve Discovery efforts focus on leveraging validated in silico models to discover single and multi-combination nutraceuticals and therapeutics to optimize in vitro research as well as clinical trials towards eliminating the need for animal testing.


CytoSolve Delivery efforts include patient-centered solutions that integrate in silico modeling to inform clinicians and practitioners on optimal solutions for life-saving treatments.

CytoSolve Solutions are Disrupting the Old World of Medicine

Breaking Silos and Enabling Collaboration in Research

CytoSolve Collaboratory™ Provides a Powerful Platform to Drive Collaborative Scientific Research by Breaking Down Artificial Silos and Walls That Hamper Advancement in Science

Delivering on the Vision of Precision and Personalized Medicine

CytoSolve has a Proven Approach for Rapid Discovery of Multi-Combination “Cocktails” and Therapeutics Through In-Silico Modeling of Complex Molecular Pathways

Eliminating Animal Testing

CytoSolve Provides a Breakthrough Platform for Mathematically Modeling the Whole Cell and Complex Molecular Pathways Towards Eliminating Animal Testing

Validating Traditional and Complementary Therapies

CytoSolve Provides a Molecular Systems Based Approach to Validate the Efficacy of Nutritional Supplements, Traditional and Complementary Therapies for Health and Well Being

Applications of CytoSolve

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Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Revolutionary & Systems Scientist, on CytoSolve